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The best property data and real estate analytics tools for Australian investors

For Australian property investors and real estate professionals, having access to reliable, accurate and comprehensive property data and analytics tools is crucial for making informed decisions. These tools can provide insights into market trends, property values, rental yields and much more. Below are some of the top property analytics and data tools available in Australia, each offering unique features to assist investors and professionals in the real estate market.


PropertySensor offers a free, interactive postcode-by-postcode map for current and completed property developments in Victoria, Australia. The map allows users to examine the type of development, commencement date and land details such as block size, existence of swimming pools and trees for each project. Users can also query any Victorian address to retrieve similar details for the address. Additionally, PropertySensor also features property prices and rental trends, plus long-term demographical insights such as income and population growth.

CoreLogic RP Data

CoreLogic RP Data is widely regarded as one of the leading property data providers in Australia. It offers a comprehensive suite of services for real estate professionals, including property value estimates, market trends analysis and detailed property reports. CoreLogic's platform is particularly valued for its depth of data, covering almost every property in Australia. CoreLogic is largely a paid service and is more tailored towards institutions and corporate investors.

Domain Group

Domain provides detailed property market data and analytics, including suburb reports, property price forecasts and historical sales data. Its platform also integrates with their real estate listings, offering a holistic view of the market for both professionals and consumers. offers data on current property prices, listings, demographics and market demand. Its platform provides an accessible way for investors and professionals to gauge the market, with tools designed to analyse property investment potential and track market movements.


PriceFinder, owned by Domain Group, is another powerful property research and data tool popular among real estate professionals and investors. It offers detailed property data, including historical sales information, property valuations and suburb performance analytics. PriceFinder is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data coverage.

SQM Research

SQM Research specializes in property research and data, offering a range of services including property investment data, vacancy rates, rental yields and housing market analytics. Its platform is highly regarded for its accuracy and depth of market insights, ideal for understanding rental markets and identifying investment opportunities.


Microburbs is a unique tool that provides detailed analytics and insights at the suburb level, including demographics, lifestyle scores, schools and transport options. It's particularly useful for investors and homebuyers looking to understand the nuances of specific neighbourhoods and how they align with investment goals or lifestyle preferences.


Choosing the right property analytics and data tool depends on your specific needs, whether it's to deep-dive property valuations, understanding market trends or getting to know a neighbourhood. The tools listed above are among the best in providing detailed and actionable insights into the Australian property market. By leveraging these resources, investors and real estate professionals can enhance their market knowledge, make informed decisions and ultimately achieve better outcomes in their property investment and management activities.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

PropetySensor Financial Services
PropetySensor Financial Services