At PropertySensor, we dive straight into understanding your financial situation and future ambitions. We're committed to a direct, no-nonsense approach that focuses on your goals and needs.

Debt Funding

Identifying the right bank or non-bank lender to fund your next project is our specialty. We can help you understand options like first mortgages, mezzanine / second mortgages and other alternatives like senior and junior debt. With a variety of options, we understand that navigating these layers of debt can be complex and our goal is to secure the most favourable financial outcomes for you.

Equity Raising

Using equity can be challenging and strenuous for cash flow management, even for experienced property developers. PropertySensor can assist with preferred and common / ordinary equity raising, which can help unlock funds for your next project. Whether it's the development of several townhouses or the construction of mixed-use multistory buildings, we can help you understand how to structure your capital stack.

Residential Financing

We provide a full range of residential lending options from first home buyers seeking conditional approvals for either vacant land or new / existing dwellings, to seasoned investors with a portfolio of properties seeking to leverage their positions. PropertySensor can also assist with refinancing existing facilities for a lower interest rate and fees.

Commercial Financing

Investing in commercial properties is a great way to build long-term wealth by diversifying an existing real estate portfolio to include high yield, cash flow positive assets. Whether it is commercial spaces such as offices, warehouses, retail stores or factories, we specialise in tailoring loan solutions for your needs, working with a diverse array of lenders, including major banks and specialised non-bank institutions.